The handbook of the project „Earth S.O.S. through Eco-Creativity“ is finished

For two years the partners gathered information, carried out seminars, classified and tested non-formal education methods. One of the main results of the project is a book, which introduces the achievements of the partners.

„This book will become a great tool for sharing experience with other organizations working with climate change, eco-art. Our goal was to create a tool, which would give ideas and allow organizations to look at the learning process creatively“, said Elemer Szenpetery, representing Zöld Hullám Közhasznú Természetbarát Egyesület of Hungary.

Project team presents eco-creativity video

Two years NGO workers from four different countries were working together in order to raise the awareness of environmental problems among young adults. They used innovative and creative methods: involved people info the unusual workshops, expeditions, trainings. Works and achievements were placed into a short movie. You can find it there – video.

Results of Eco-Creativity introduced to Green organizations

On June the 29th in Vilnius various green or organizations working with environmental projects gathered to a forum organized by the Association „Žali.LT“ and the Semiotics Research Centre. The event was organized to search for creative methods, share best practices which would allow to draw the attention of the politicians and society towards the main environmental problems.


Eco-ideas can be contagious – shows an examples collected from various countries

All forms of art can be an efficient mean to spread values and ideas important to influence people’s minds and have an effect on their ways of thinking and living, thus generating some sort of change that may drive to reduce the impact of human being on the environment. Art, in fact, thanks to its huge power of communication and capacity of interpreting the contemporaneity is particularly indicated to diffuse a message among young generations, which are the ones who can really change reality.

Final partners meeting in Hungary

At the beginning of June the final partners meeting was organized in Hungary. During this event a review of all of the implementation period was made, the quality of partnership and its changes during the project were also discussed. The partners introduced the tasks they have done from the last meeting and the workshops they made. Discussed the difficulties they met, which practices were the best. A chronological map of all activities was made. Partners agreed to seek the opportunities to continue the project in the future.

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