Eco-creativity project presents the movie created by AGAT

On May 26th Associazione Geografica per l’Ambiente e il Territorio from Italy has organized workshop, award and an exhibition. After very successful event the organization have created the movie witch present done activities.


The movie you can reach there.

Eco-bike project in Hungary

The Green Wave has started its eco-bike project during the summer of 2012 by collecting five scrapped bikes and refurbishing them. During their first workshop - where 10 people participated - they dissembled them into pieces, removed the old paint coat, cleaned and repainted them. They are planning another workshop to assemble and decorate them with “eco-creative” motives in order to call people attention to the environmental thinking.



Workshop in Prienai district

On August 11th Semiotics research center together with members of Green party have organized the workshop in Prienai district.

Participants of workshop were divided to groups. To each of them the organizers gave some trash – plastic, beer cans, or glass. By using the imagination all participants created jewelry, flowers, etc.

During the workshop participants were informed about the possibilities how we can use trash in our daily life and create very useful and interesting items.

Eco-creativity article spreads over the internet

An article about the best practises on the topic Eco-art and Eco-creativeness became accessible in many countries. The article was published in those international websites: and, also,, blog,,,, news portals.

Also the article is accessible in two partners languages – Turkish ( and Lithuanian (

ECO-ART – the way to raise the awareness of environmental problems

Today many products, that weren’t used and even weren’t needed 20 or 50 years ago, became necessary in our life. The companies, which try to supply the endless needs, take the advantage of this situation and start using attractive package design to increase the products’ selling. Today the wastes of packages become serious environmental problem.

On the other hand concern of ecology rises in the society. Creativity is one of the most pleasant processes in our life and effectively impresses people. Eco-creativity is the way to participate actively in the preservation of your planet by the implementation of uncommon activities emerging from our imagination.

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