"Sustainable Design: trash Art" workshop in Vilnius


Semiotics research center at 18th of May organized a lecture about stable design and garbage art - "Sustainable Design: trash Art". The main purpose of it was to get some new news and conception about ecological art from a specialist: our lecturer Dalia Karatajienė came from Vilnius Design College.

The participants of the workshop were from various professional sections: law, accountancy, architecture, business, education, and, surely, ecology. The fact that the main part of the participants was not professional in ecology means that they got news about sustainable consumption and now can use it in their daily life.

“We talk about art made of rubbish, for example, sculptures from cling films or plastic bags or paintings made of bottle corks. So, we talk about the environmental problems trough art”, says the workshop organizer Rūta Šetikaitė.

To conclude, the workshop gave a pause for the people about environmental problems, especially – the consumption. People got news how creatively use stuff that is threaten as rubbish. Besides, every participant evaluated the lecture as ‘excellent‘.