Eco-workshop and an AGAT Eco-Creativity Award In Rome


Within the Eco-Creativity project, Associazione Geografica per l’Ambiente e il Territorio from Italy, has decided to organize multiple activities related to the creation of art to promote and enhance the link between art, creativity, and the environment.

The first activity organized on May 26th was a workshop entitled: “Eco-creative Practices for the Dissemination of the Knowledge on Environmental Problems”. The purpose of the workshop was to give an overview of the role of “eco-creative practices” in spreading environmental awareness. Eco-Creativity project partners from Lithuania, Hungary and Turkey presented some practical cases of eco-creative best practices. Additional speakers were people of virtuous “environmental related” actions who operate through an open network of associations and neighborhood committees in the 6th Municipality of Rome. There were three eco-artists as well, who shared their experiences about choosing to operate as eco-artists. Additionally, an architect dedicated to the sustainable planning of the area attended the workshop.

The second activity was composed by  award and an exhibition. We entitled it AGAT Eco-Creativity Award, it is a competition among eco-artists. A call for submissions was drafted and disseminated by way of geographic and artistic related channels. The registration and submission period was March 26th 2012 through May 13th 2012. There are two competition areas:

  1. Figurative and Plastic Arts: sculpture, painting, installation, photography and combination between the different artistic techniques, and;
  2. Fashion: clothing and accessories

The winners of each competition received a cash prize in the amount of 500 Euros. In addition there was a prize to the art work most voted by the public, the winner  was awarded a 200 Euro voucher to be used in a specialized art and fashion bookshop. AGAT decided to create the “public award” in order to involve and attract more people, like friends of artists.

Participants were able to compete either as part of a group or individually. More than sixty works of art had been submitted by May 13th . From these sixty, thirty-one have been selected by judges and exhibited on May 26th.

On May 26th the activities were carried out at Casa della Cultura, inside Villa de Sanctis park in Rome and there has been a really good participation of people interested to the workshop and to exhibition.