Introducing the project at Beepart

On the evening of the 26 th of September, a green alliance “Ž” with the cultural centre of Pilaitė district “Beepart” organized an autumn community event - the first harvest of the Pilaitė eco-garden in Vilnius, Lithuania. During the event the Semiotic Research Center introduced the results of the project „Earth S.O.S. through ECO-creativity“ and shared examples of best practices gathered by the project partners.

The event gathered more than twenty people from Vilnius’ green organizations and the community of Pilaitė, where the first vegetable harvest was gathered from a community garden introduced by both the community and “Ž”. The vegetables were then used to make vegetable cream soup cooked on a bonfire for the participants. A permaculture activits Saulius Jasionis introduced the method of permaculture and gave advice how to prepare your gardens for the winter with permaculture methods.

Much attention was also given to a presentation made by Martynas Norbutas on the theme of “ECO-creativity - or how to tame the ECO sign”. During this presentation the project  „Earth S.O.S. through ECO-creativity“ was introduced and many questions raised on how to ensure the spread of environmental awareness in society.