Eco-bike project in Hungary

The Green Wave has started its eco-bike project during the summer of 2012 by collecting five scrapped bikes and refurbishing them. During their first workshop - where 10 people participated - they dissembled them into pieces, removed the old paint coat, cleaned and repainted them. They are planning another workshop to assemble and decorate them with “eco-creative” motives in order to call people attention to the environmental thinking.

Why Green Wave has decided to enter into this project? Using the bike is very popular in Hungary: in the countryside it is very much of use as the towns and villages are small, so people can get from one place to another with the bike very fast, however it has started to be used widely in the capital, Budapest in the last couple of years also. Using a bicycle in the city is very useful as one can avoid traffic jams, helps sporty, healthy lifestyle and environmental consciousness to build into the daily routine of people. Fortunately there are lot more bike lines on the roads of Hungary since 10 years ago. Besides the environmental benefits we have to mention its cost efficiency also, as bicycle doesn’t consume any fuel.  In the country there are many initiatives which inspires people to use the bike: one of them is  the so called Critical Mass, where thousands of bikers are biking through the city together to emphasize this kind of transportation; the other one is the “Go to work on bike” where there is a competition between the companies who collects the most km-s.