Adobe Construction camp in Hungary

Green Wave, co-organized with the MUD, made the Adobe Construction camp in Hungary. The camp was held in Somogyhárságy with more than 40 participants. Participants could choose their projects: they could make artistic things or make some rather practical things like ovens and sausage fumigants (to give smoky taste for the sausage). Professional people were invited to the workshop and held trainings: an adobe specialist from Mexico (los amigos del adobe)  and other Hungarian oven maker specialists.

The aim of this one week long workshop was to let people meet the old Hungarian traditions and make them to be aware of the benefits of using organic and traditional materials.

Adobe is a very old traditional material for building houses. In Hungary if you go to the countryside 60-70% of the houses are still made of adobe. This is a very practical material accommodating of Hungary`s climate – keeps warm during the cold winter and cool during the hot summer.

The preparation of adobe brick is the most possibly environment friend way as it is made from clay, straw, water and dung, only organic materials. The maintenance of it is relatively easy also – needs some more mud in every 2-3 years and to be painted by whitewash (Calcium oxid CaO). The construction of the houses especially  in the countryside was a social event too, which brought people closer to each other.