Eco-Workshop: The Birth of a Book

On January the 25th the Semiotics Research Center, Sustainable Development Institute and "Žali.LT" are organizing an eco-workshop, during which, the participants will have the opportunity  to create their own notebooks. This workshop will only make use of paper waste from offices, pieces of cardboard, old newspapers and etc.

"First of all, we want to show that a book can be created from secondary materials just as easily. In just a few hours we can create something special, which will be holding the thoughts of our friends or relatives. The only thing you need is a bit of creativity - that is the thing which makes it all possible", says the manager of an international project "Eco-Creativity" Martynas Norbutas of the Semiotics Research Center.

According to the lecturer Monika Slančauskaitė, a range of bookbinding techniques will be introduced, and the rest will be up to the creativity of the participants.

"We invite everyon to grab their scissors, scrounge up some old papers, salvage some parts from a useless document and create something uniques. The most important thing is, that the notebooks themselves will be unique. Such a notebook can be a great gift not only for your beloved ones, but also for yourself", says the leader of the Sustainable Development Institute Sigutė Dautartaitė.

This workshop is part of a Grundtvig project „Earth S.O.S. through Eco-Creativity“and is funded by the European Commission.