Network in Italy

Within the Eco-Creativity project AGAT created a network with the association REFUGEE SCART and on the morning of May Tuesday 28th some AGAT members were greeted by one of the managers, the German Helga Baker, who told how the idea was born and showed laboratory spaces provided by the EUR Municipality of Rome.

REFUGEE SCART is an humanitarian project of the SPIRAL Foundation Onlus, it was born in the summer of 2011 and it has two main objectives: the social cohesion and the preservation of nature through recycling . Thanks to the project the refugees, mostly Africans in search of protection,  are in condition to be seen not as a "burden for the society" but as a "resource" in the society.

The second objective, mostly linked to the Eco-Creativity project, is to contribute to the protection of the environment through the transformation of waste materials into new objects. Glasses, aprons, vases, lamps, and much more are the products that young African produce daily through the reuse of materials such as bottles, tubes and plastic bags reusing about 250 kilos of plastic per month.