Workshop "Creative recycling"

How many scientists argue that for some years on our planet will consume more resources than the Earth is able to regenerate. This means that we have started to contract an ecological debt that increases every day.

Nevertheless, we continue to "consume" no brakes, the “old” is put aside because the new is more efficient more functional, more practical. Meanwhile, we lose contact with objects, with things, the bond between man and his product is increasingly blurred.

The old things, or used things, even though they represent the means by which this chase memory, memories, we put there into disuse, because they clutter, because we think they are unnecessary. How many times you happen to get your hands on a vinyl record on their fingertips and relive the emotions of his career? Then the disuse.

The creative recycling, it is not only the art of creating through the use of objects used. It 's much more, it is a small revolution that wants to restore dignity to the object, giving it a second chance, strengthening the bond with humans.

In this revolution the l’Associazione Geografica per l’Ambiente e il Territorio contributes as a partner of the European project Eco-Creativity. Within this project, was organized Saturday, May 4, 2013 at the among the former cinema Volturno in Rome in Via Volturno 37, the workshop Eco-Creativity Creative Recycling. The meeting started at 10.00 am under the guidance of two Eco Artists, Clara Pastorelli and Erika Albano, who after showing some creations produced by them, have supported and supervised the workshop participants in the production of certain items. Thus, during the morning, from cardboard boxes used are born beautiful frames, or earrings from plastic glasses, vinyl records become essential parts of a pretty bag lady. And then necklaces, bracelets and other materials with the most unthinkable.

The satisfaction and the astonishment of the participants, some of whom had come to the workshop with their bag of things used, it was written in their eyes when they could see at the end of the metamorphosis of objects passed through their hands.

The workshop concluded at 13.00 with refreshments offered by AGAT.

AGAT, both as a partner of Eco-Creativity as in other activities conducted at national and international level, is always at the forefront on the issue of environmental awareness.