Results of Eco-Creativity introduced to Green organizations

On June the 29th in Vilnius various green or organizations working with environmental projects gathered to a forum organized by the Association „Žali.LT“ and the Semiotics Research Centre. The event was organized to search for creative methods, share best practices which would allow to draw the attention of the politicians and society towards the main environmental problems.

„During the conference the environmental organizations showcased their activities, future plans, shared ideas on how to improve the spread of „green“ ideas. A lot of efforts were spent looking for methods which would inspire creativity, are eye catching and helps green organizations to implement their goals. One of them is the use of eco-creativity, where by using your imagination and art you can attract hundreds of people“, says Martynas Norbutas the leader of the project „Eco-creativity“ implemented by the Semiotics Research Centre.

According to M. Norbutas, unusual solutions – uncommon tools, use of abandoned spaces for education is a tried-and-true method. However, man more of these methods can be found and the sharing of these methods is crucial to ensure the effective future activities of green organizations.

Not counting the organizers of the forum – Association „Žali.LT“ and the Semiotics Research Center – it also gathered such organizations as the Baltic Environmental Forum, nature conservation association „Baltijos Vilkas“, Lithuanian Green Movement, Šiauliai nature and culture preservation club „Aukuras“, „Green Map Vilnius“, representatives of National Non-governmental Development Cooperation Organizations‘ Platform, experts on the environments, green politicians, and other environemental activists. The organizations introduced their activities, goals, projects, future plans and exchanged ideas on the smoother dissemination of environmental ideas and potential areas of cooperation. The participants of the event were also familiarized with the results and development of the European Commision funded Grundtvig project „Earth S.O.S. through Eco-Creativity“.