Semiotinių tyrimų centras (Semiotics research centre) is a young non-governmental organization, which unites people with a great experience: researchers, lecturers, youth leaders, experts of public relations and advertisement. Centre’s main aims are to develop the creative potential of society, to promote science and business cooperation, through using various forms of formal and non formal educations methods to create a socially friendly environment.

Centre’s personal develops and implements programs, which encourage people to engage in informal trainings and ensure not only lifelong learning, but strengthen communities and promote the process of democratization. We believe that only an educated and thoughtful person can really be free, tolerant and open to new challenges of life.

In trainings Centre’s members were using different methods – work groups, games, individual tasks and discussions in pairs or small groups, role play exercises. But our experience say that the most memorable are these where we visual measure were used.

Participants in the project:

Martynas Norbutas

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Contact with organization:

Tel. +370 65911080
Dariaus ir Girėno str. 1-20
LT-02011, Vilnius, Lithuania