Olur Halk Eğitimi Merkezi (Olur Public Training Centre) gone into action in 1975 is a non-formal training centre offered training services to 1000-1500 citizens organizing social-cultural and occupational – technical courses on various branches between 80 and 100 by employing 4 principals, 3 qualified instructors and teachers for a fee.

Providing lifelong training to people, providing participation by people to development projects triggering public resources, protecting national cultural values, developing and popularizing as open to universal culture are taken part among purposes of the Centre. On the other hand; other services are performed such as conducting studies for education-production-employment, marketing and organizing; arranging some activities in order that individuals emigrated from rural areas to urban could adapt to environment and training of traditional craftworks.

Centre offered services by subjecting to General Directorate of Apprenticeship and Non-formal Training is applying module programs for adult education. A fee is not charged to trainees and a participation certificate is granted to trainee succeeded in the course programme.

Principals and trainers can transfer their knowledge obtained as a result of examinations and studies to their applications. Participants have sufficient corporate experiment and technical infrastructure that they can perform training and examination studies suited to purposes of the project. At this project; agency to be undertaken task of project coordinator has sufficient capacity and human resources that it can perform this activity. They will organize project partner’s activities to be performed in Turkey and also will introduce applications related adult training in Oltu. Contact person of the project is an academician who is a trainer for project process management and also who had prepared and applied an EU Project.

Participants in the project:

Cemal  Tanriver

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Hüseyin Dağdelen

Contact with organization:


Cumhurivet Caddesi

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Cumhuriyet Caddesi

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