Exhibition in Vilnius captured by cameras

Despite gathering more than dozens of visitors in the Eco-basement exhibition in the Capital of Lithuania, however, not everyone had the chance to participate. That is why the Semiotics Research Centre decided to show a recorind of the exhibition.

The film introduces the exhibition, it also has interviews with the artists, visitors, the residents of the residential flat, where the exhibition took place. The film can be seen here - part 1 and part2.

Workshop "Creative recycling"

How many scientists argue that for some years on our planet will consume more resources than the Earth is able to regenerate. This means that we have started to contract an ecological debt that increases every day.

Nevertheless, we continue to "consume" no brakes, the “old” is put aside because the new is more efficient more functional, more practical. Meanwhile, we lose contact with objects, with things, the bond between man and his product is increasingly blurred.


Eco-Workshop: The Birth of a Book

On January the 25th the Semiotics Research Center, Sustainable Development Institute and "Žali.LT" are organizing an eco-workshop, during which, the participants will have the opportunity  to create their own notebooks. This workshop will only make use of paper waste from offices, pieces of cardboard, old newspapers and etc.

"First of all, we want to show that a book can be created from secondary materials just as easily. In just a few hours we can create something special, which will be holding the thoughts of our friends or relatives. The only thing you need is a bit of creativity - that is the thing which makes it all possible", says the manager of an international project "Eco-Creativity" Martynas Norbutas of the Semiotics Research Center.

„ECO-basement“ fended away mice and rats with art

The first thing that comes to mind when you mention a basement is darkness, insecurity, and the creatures that traditionally live there. However, this weekend these stereotypes were broken in Naujininkai, were an exhibition-competition took place in a basement of an apartment complex. A typical soviet apartment building hosted the exhibition in its cellar and attracted more than 50 people from various residential districts of Vilnius.

„Most of the visitors who came to see the eco-art came from the neighboring residential flats and buildings. And that is the biggest achievement, because even if only for a day, Naujininkai became more than just a residential district.“ says one of the organizers of the event, Martynas Norbutas, representing the Semiotics Research Center.

Original gifts from recycled materials under the Christmas tree

Decorative angels, accessories, pencil cases, a miniature Christmas tree, a candlestick and a decorative northern reindeer – these are just a few gifts that were made using discarded lights bulbs, plastic bottles or pieces of cloth by the participants of this Christmas workshop. The event, which took place a few days ago, allowed thirty Vilnius residents to together with the artist Jurgita Jukaubauskaite to make Christmas a bit more special.

„I think that true Christmas is the time when we should be creating miracles with our own two hands, by just creating something unique and wonderful from nothing. An old piece of a wire fence with the help of our creativity can be reborn as a photo frame, a can becomes an unique ashtray – all you need is a bit of effort and will“ says the organizer of this workshop, Martynas Norbutas, representative of the Semiotics Research Center.

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